Falling Back Into Good Habits

Falling Back Into Good Habits
We hope you enjoyed your extra hour in bed this morning – we for sure did! However, it got us to thinking.

Adding a new activity as part of any change can be beneficial in adopting and maintaining new positive habits.

There are few changes to our daily routines as significant as daylight savings time – when clocks are moved forward in the spring to maximise daylight. Doing so had a number of benefits but also downsides - heart attacks rise in the spring and in autumn road accidents increase – as drivers miss-out on gradually adjusting to the darker commute.

Many countries are now doing away with DST – but in doing so they will miss out on the benefit each year of re-setting a better morning routine.

If you’ve been thinking about getting up earlier and maximising your mornings - do it now while its easiest, because if your country does away for DST you’ll have missed out.

To maximise the clock’s going back, go to bed in line with your body clock. If your body clock says its 11 and time for bed, go to bed, even if it’s now 10pm. If you normally wake at 7, set the alarm for 6 – you’ll wake feeling just as well rested with a whole extra hour to play with.

To help with your new sleep routine keep these ideas in mind too:

Despite what we’ve just said - don’t stress about not sleeping or getting a poor nights sleep. Luckily you always get another chance to practice.

Sleep trackers are great for checking how any changes have affected your sleep – but remember its not a challenge to try and get a high score and the best judge for how you’re sleeping is how you feel the next day.

Start dimming lights in the evening as the sun winds down.

Limit screen time and utilise the night mode feature on your devices.

So, turn on night mode, dim the lights, set your alarm for an hour earlier and put your trainers by the door. Tomorrow is the first day of a whole new routine.
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