We're for the athletes who are defined not just by their results, but by the impact they have. We find the companies and products which help you to perform, while ensuring that our playgrounds remain.

What we stand for


Our team is global. Our connection absolute. We are committed to ensuring that everyone involved in sport will benefit.


The planet is our playground. Every field, park, building and pathway offers a chance to play. We commit to protecting them all. 


We are driven to excel and we know you are too. Every company we select is based on their ability to help you to succeed. 

OUR mission

We are on a mission to make people as passionate about sustainability as they are about sport.

We are giving a voice to those who promote healthier lifestyles and a healthier planet.

We strive to help you achieve your fitness goals while ensuring that our shared playgrounds remain for everyone to enjoy.

Are you ready to take on the planet's biggest challenge?

By 2030 if we don't significantly change many of the ways the world operates the spaces where we play will suffer.

However, these changes can not only be globally beneficial, but personally advantageous. Sports teams and athletes around the world are finding that sustainability is not only good for the planet, it's giving them the competitive edge.

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