We're creating a different type of ambassador.

Got what it takes?
You won't get a commission on any sales.
You won't get tonnes of free products.
You won't get a massive discount. 
What do you get?
Help us test the clothing, equipment & opportunities that we will be promoting - some of which you will get to keep.

A limited annual discount to help you restock on the things you need. 

Exclusive access to activities & opportunities. We're not sure what these will be yet - we're waiting for you to help us devise them.

Amplify your message. Through our website, emails and social media, we will promote the issues which are important to you. 

You will join our ambassadors steering group to help us understand how we can best serve our community.
What do we want?
You don't need to be all over social media, you don't even need a big following if you are.

You don't need to buy from us and you don't have to promote the brands we support.

We want to see people living and promoting our values of healthy people and a healthy planet. Simple as that. 

How you prefer to do this is entirely up to you.

"We're changing the way the world thinks and shops for sport. We're committed to creating healthy people and a healthy planet. We're convinced you can't have one without the other. Will you help prove us right?"

Nick Roberts
Founder - Sustained Sports