From their innovative fabrics and sleek designs, to the very components that go into creating them, Afterglow prides itself on going above and beyond, to make their business as earth-friendly as they can – and to provide sports clothing that is as stylish and functional as humanly possible.

It's time to get serious about our workouts - and the planet.

Feel the Afterglow

Afterglow manufactures sustainable gym, sports and athleisure clothing using materials and production practices that are as eco-friendly as they can possibly make them. The primary yarn for the fabric used in Afterglow’s hoodies, joggers and shorts is comprised exclusively from textile waste and old clothing, which is deposited at collection bins worldwide, and upcycled by Spanish textile firm Recover, into an incredibly durable yarn. 

This yarn is then woven into Afterglow’s innovative, sustainable Diagonal Fleece Fabric, which comprises more than 90% of these garments and is therefore their most important component.

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