With love and passion

Founders Will Fisher and Malene Vedel started Complete Unity Yoga after being shocked that the majority of yoga and meditation equipment available was made from plastic, poorly made and lacking style!

Driven by the same sense to share that overcomes us all when we taste something delicious, their passion for yoga and meditation is infectious.

The CompleteGrip™ technology enables you to always look like a yoga pro by enabling you to always hold poses without slipping even when you are sweating. 
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Travel the world with yoga and meditation.  

Complete Unity Yoga also specialise in enriching lives with the best yoga meditation retreats in beautiful locations around the world.  

They will guide you through every step of this journey to make it as enriching for you as it can be. Right from your first enquiry to coming back and opening the doors to an all-new life, you will have their support throughout the retreat.  

Certified experienced teachers, 
Beautiful locations, 
Delicious nourishing plant-based food, 
Transformation based philosophy, 
Learning and lifestyle, 
Ayurveda, community, and culture 

If you always wanted to travel to Europe, there would be no better way than to combine it with the benefits of yoga and meditation.

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