We want to prove that people don't need to compromise to eat sustainably - that new, alternative proteins from plants, algae, insects and others can be better, delivering better performance, taste, texture and nutrition than traditional animal and dairy proteins.

We believe the faster the world stops relying on traditional animal and dairy protein and moves towards a net zero future the better. No compromise.

We have started with plant-based proteins and cutting edge British farmed crickets both in easy-to-recycle packaging. We have designed our products from the ground up. We have worked with academics, nutritionists, new ingredient suppliers, leading manufacturers, and flavour houses.

And this is just the beginning.

Join us to work towards a better future.

Good for you

Sustainable, easy-to-digest products that are high in protein, low in sugar and bad fats. Our new types of proteins from insects and plants have additional superfood qualities.


Each formulation has clean, premium ingredients to make it easy to recognise what you're consuming while maximising performance. We do not use sugar because we don’t need to.

Future proof

Our all-natural products are made from the foods of the future – plants and insects – to ensure we all have one.

Think 100% natural • Think zero food waste • Think more sustainable • Think about protecting our planet • Think about today • Think about tomorrow • It’s what we do every day at Protein Rebel • Think how to make things better.