Meet the team

I’ve worked in a number of sustainability roles, many of which have intersected with the world of sport (including sitting on the steering group for British Association for Sustainable Sport). Over this time I’ve become convinced sport has a unique opportunity to help engage and educate around climate change and the environment.

Because of this I’ve always been the go-to guy when friends, family and team-mates wanted advice on where to find sustainable gym and sports clothing.

The problem has always been that for a long time there have only been a few truly sustainable activewear brands - and it takes a lot of effort to seek them out.

However, more recently a new wave of brands and businesses have started to appear, committed to sustainable operations, but they too are still having to battle to be found.

It was obvious to me that a one-stop-shop for people who want to find sustainable sports product - for every sport was needed. One which would be able to check the veracity of the claims being made, one which was committed to seeking out only the best performing products. 

I also wanted to reimagine how people access sport and how people’s passions can be a catalyst for environmental and social change. If we don’t alter how we live and train, how people play will be irreparably affected. From lost golf courses, to flooded football pitches - they are all under threat.

And that’s how Sustained Sports was created – at the moment we’re just getting warmed up. But every circle needs a starting point. Every marathon needs a first step.

Nick Roberts