Recovery is the most important part of any training programme. 
The same is true for our clothes. 

The product with the lowest environmental impact is the one that's already been made.

Join us as we give sports clothing a second wind. Another chance to excel.

What we're working on

Athlete to Athlete Selling

Sometimes we end up with more things than we need. 

We're building a platform to allow you to sell your sports clothes and equipment  directly to the people who want them. 

You get paid, a fellow athlete gets a bargain and we keep resources out of the bin. Win Win. 

Partnerships for Good

If you don't want the hassle of selling direct, we're partnering with select organisations to collect, update and re-sell your sports clothing.

These organisations will make sure your clothes go to a good home and any profits are re-invested into their communities. 

Every year it is estimated that 300,000 tonnes of used clothing goes to landfill in the UK.

ReRun Clothing

ReRun is a Community Interest Company aimed at prolonging the life of running clothes and equipment.

Founded and run by Dan Lawson, Team GB 24hr Ultra runner and his wife and family Charlotte, Lilly and Ruby.

Whilst residing in India they started a small community project connected with their 5k weekly run to clear up litter - the scale of which gave them first hand experience of the amount of waste being generated.

After making changes to their own lifestyles they began to look at ideas on how waste could be reduced in the running community.

The idea of ReRun was born.

Over 5% of the UKs total annual carbon and water footprints result from clothing consumption.

Extending the life of clothing by just 9 months would result in an impact reduction of up to 30%.

Play It Again Sport

Play it Again Sport is a social enterprise based in the Rhondda Valley, Wales. They take the cost out of sport by selling donated sports clothing and equipment, using the money raised to fund local sports activities. 

The brainchild of Steffan Rees, a local karate instructor, he realized that many children were not coming to his karate lessons because their parents simply couldn't afford the equipment for them to join in. He also knew that many people had no longer used sports clothing and equipment sitting in their wardrobes at home gathering dust.  

All they needed was the opportunity to be brought out to play once again. 



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