Sell With Us

Sell With Us

Sustained sports exists to change the sports industry and make the people within it as passionate about sustainability as we are.

We search the world for the most desirable, innovative sports product, carefully selecting brands on their sustainable and ethical values.

WeWe want to connect people who have a conscience with like minded brands through innovation, our customers are supporting our community of pioneering brands, and our collective mission for change. 

If you’re interested in selling your products with us, we would be delighted to hear from you. Here's what we bring you:

A new outlet for your products

We offer a compelling choice of brands and products for conscious consumers of every kind. We target not only sustainable brands, but ethical ones who want to make the planet a better place. Through our platform, our content and our extensive marketing, we enable you to reach a large group of new customers, giving your brand increased reach, positive exposure, and ultimately more sales. When it comes to product, we hand-pick only the very best brands to work with, who meet our threshold of high quality and sustainability. That means you’ll only ever be in the very best company.

Powerful Marketing

Sustained sports is a brand born from marketeers and sustainability experts, the brand has been designed to disrupt the sports industry, we believe in circling what’s right and crossing out what’s wrong. Our marketing will not shy away from telling the truth and raising awareness, we will not be afraid to put our head above the parapet, we want to give a big voice to the brands who deserve more. Already we are creating waves by planting a tree for every member who joins our movement and we are not going to stop there. We want to grow your sales and ours together as a partnership.

An easy-to-use platform

Our website is built on Shopify, which makes it incredibly easy for brands already using Shopify to manage product information and orders through our site, with little effort. Even for non-Shopify brands our marketplace tools and processes make it easy to sell through us, we have a new woocommerce integrated system arriving soon and we offer lots of customer support to help you get set up, and manage any queries along the way.

How it works

We operate using a drop-ship retail model. The customer makes their purchase through our website, we then transfer the customer’s order and shipment details to you, and you then ship the products directly to the customer.

What we're looking for

We’re looking for brands that share our values. We set high standards, and every product we sell has to pass our test of sustainability and ethics. Is your brand using – or working towards – the most sustainable supply chains and product packaging?

What else we offer

We're not just a community of sports enthusiasts, we're also a network for our suppliers. Join our dedidacted suppliers forum, allowing you to meet and collaborate with founders just like you. We're also available to answer your sustainability, retail and marketing questions and to help you find solutions to any of the challenges your currently facing. We're also your critical friend, helping to push our suppliers to being as environmentally and socially conscious as possible and we commit to sharing best practice through a suppliers only newsletter highlighting industry trends and providing training and access other experts to help you to excell. 

We are all about collaboration, wherther its sharing the cost of events or bulk purchasing with suppliers, we're able to offer your the benefit of immediately scaling your business access and reach.  

Next steps

If you're interested in finding out more, please email us, including the name and website address of your brand, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.